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Worldbuilder Tokens

The World Builder Pack allows for editing of existing maps and the creation of new ones. Includes a winter and summer set along with a winter and summer double paneled map. 

Specialty Hexes: Some WBP tiles provide bonuses or restrictions as indicated by their icons.

Building Hexes: Any WBP tile that is surrounded on all sides by green cover are considered buildings, preventing entrance to weapon teams and vehicles (except Machine Gun Squads). These buildings use the default building health specified on the map, but can be set individually when creating a custom map, as long as it is specified in the maps setup and rules. 

Statues: These serve as rally points for either team. When choosing a retreat location either team can choose a statue to retreat to. If the Statue hex is occupied then retreating units stop at the nearest adjacent hex. 

Watchtower: This is considered a building with light cover instead of heavy cover. Thus vehicles and weapon teams cannot enter except for Machine Gun Squads. It  provides +1 Sight and Range to any unit inside and light cover. 

Medic Station: Reinforces (heals) an infantry unit that is located on the medic station one health each Supply Phase, up to the unit's maximum health. 

Support Bay: Repairs a vehicle located on this hex 1 health each Supply Phase up to the vehicle's maximum. 

Machine Gun Building: These buildings add an additional AI damage to a unit located inside. 

Footbridges: These only allow infantry units to cross this hex, (as indicated by the tank trap icon). 

Concealing Shrubbery: This hex, indicated by the camo symbol provides camouflage to any unit located on it, including vehicles. 

Multi-Cover Hexes: These tiles provide heavy cover in one direction and light cover in another. If an attack comes directly between the two cover types, use the heavier cover. 

Tank Trap Icons: Hexes with the tank trap icon prevent vehicles from entering. The tank trap icon cannot be destroyed. 

Summer Tiles

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Winter tiles

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