This is the first tested and approved three player free-for-all map! 


Mission Parameters


Starting Incomes:    2 / 2 / 2 (Manpower / Munitions / Fuel )

Starting Stockpiles: 4 / 4 / 2 (Manpower / Munitions / Fuel )


Victory Point Objectives: 15 / 18 / 21 (Short, Medium, Long Games)


Map Features


No Bunker: The central bunker does not exist for this map; treat this hex as regular empty terrain. 


Central Multi-Hex Building (Indestructible). This is a single 3 hex building similar to the Cathedral. Reference the Cathedral rules in the Mission Booklet for line of sight rules. Units from opposing teams can be inside a multi-hex building at the same time. Units inside multi-hex buildings do not have cover from each other, but retain heavy cover from attacks originating outside the building. 


Remember that commander abilities that allow units to spawn inside buildings do not apply to multi-hex buildings and thus cannot be used on the 3 hex center building that has the victory control points. You can however use such abilities to spawn units in the other two buildings that have resource control points in them. 


Note that you will not have enough Victory Point triangles for all three hexes of the central multi-hex building. Just inform all players that each hex of the building has its own victory point. 


Building Health: All of the buildings with resource control points inside of them are indestructible. . The remaining standard three buildings have 4 health each. 



Three Player Free For All - Hill 331