Map name: The Passage

This small town surrounded by mountains is the only crossable way in the near region to bring supplies and reinforcements to the frontline. Will the allies repel the enemy's attempt to cut off this crucial supply line? Multiple strategic options are available to help you secure the victory: additional fuel point on the bridge for a quicker mechanized assault, munitions points in the middle of the map for upgraded units and commander abilities or an aggressive push for the 2 distant victory points.


 This almost symmetrical map requires 1 Core set, 1 Terrain pack 1, 1 Terrain pack 2 and 1 copy of the World Builder pack to be played.


Recommended players: 2 Recommended 


Victory Points: 15 or 18 


Recommended starting resources: 

• Incomes: 2-1-1 (Manpower, Munitions, Fuel) 

• Stockpiles: 4-4-2 (Manpower, Munitions, Fuel) 


World Builder Tiles and Map clarifications: 

• Watermill tile: The watermill tile located in the middle of the map is not considered as a building even though it provides heavy cover like one. 

• World Builder tiles with a tank trap icon: Yellow and red units cannot move into these hexes and emplacements cannot be built there. These tank traps cannot be destroyed.

The Passage