Mongolian Train Station


A unknown place at the borders of china and Mongolia, there is a old train depot surrounded by some ruins and some water puddles. HQ has ordered an assault on this old track changing station, Secure the main Communication building and control the area! Important transport need to pass on this track  On both sides of the track there is an old defense building giving Infantry some extra firepower. Good luck Soldiers.


Recommended players: 2                  Alternative players: 4 ( use full backline as spawn-zone)

Recommended Victory Points: 15    

Recommended starting ressources:

  • Incomes: 2-1-1 (Manpower, Munitions, Fuel)
  • Stockpiles: 4-4-2 (Manpower, Munitions, Fuel)

World Builder Tiles modification:

  • AI bunkers: Infantry inside these buildings get +1 AI damage, all normal building rules apply.
  • Communication Building:  This building in the middle of the map consist of 2 hexes with on both hexes a VP and Ammo income when captured, There is NO defense rolls if you attack within this building to the adjacent building hex. This building will have  10 HP total shared by the 2 hexes. ( 1 hex 3 damage and 1 hex 7 damage will destroy the building.) If destroyed both hexes will become ruins and the income from this building is lost.  
  • When communication building is destroyed both teams lose 5 Victory points due to lack of communication with HQ!
  • Old Border Markings , on both side's of the communication building there are rally points, your infantry can gather here.  Both retreat points can be used by both teams. these retreat points will not reinforce.

Mongolian Train Depot