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Learn to Play the Company of Heroes Board Game

We will be continuing to update this page with more videos and training materials. For now watch the Basic Rules video below, then check out the Gameplay FAQ and Clarifications page for more examples and insight.

Review the Errata page as well for current changes to the printed rulebook and Commander cards.

Gameplay FAQ

Errata at Launch

A couple things not covered in this video:

Spotting and revealing units: You reveal a token (flip face up) whenever you can see it. If the unit spotting the token is out of the range of an Ai's reveal action (for example if it had 3 sight) then it is out of range of the reveal action and is not affected. 

Targeting and Facing Units: Revealed Heavy vehicles and weapon teams rotate towards a preferred target in range when finishing their movement. For units with more than one type of damage use their first damage type printed on the unit token.

Check the Solo Section on the Gameplay FAQ for some important rules explanations and clarifications. 

Solo / Cooperative Expansion Tutorial


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