CoH Board Game Cathedral Model

The Company of Heroes Board Game is a beautiful port of one of the greatest WW2 strategy games of all time. This board game incorporates all of the mechanics, tactics and fun of the video games into a stream-lined, accessible board game experience you can play on your kitchen or gaming table. 

Company of Heroes Board Game

The 1.0 Company of Heroes Board Game is shipping to backers now, and it will not be available through retail. But a reprint of the CoH Board Game is coming this year through Kickstarter.


Featuring all of the stretch rewards from the 1st Edition campaign, the 2nd Edition will also include updated materials, additional scenarios and benefit from community feedback as over 5,000 backers begin waging the good fight all across Europe on their gaming tables this spring.

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Stretch Rewards from 1st Edition will be included in the 2nd Edition Campaign!

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