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The 2nd edition incorporates all of the feedback and testing from the first edition. Many changes and updates have been developed, discussed or inspired by the community! 


The 2nd Edition of the Company of Heroes Board Game is in development, after a great kickstarter campaign we now can finilaze this development and start bringing this game to you table. Did you miss the campaign, you can Late-Pledge here

Upgrading from the 1st edition to the 2nd edition: Have no fear 1.0 backers, the 2nd edition kickstarter will include an extensive update kit that will allow you to upgrade your 1st edition sets and expansions to the 2nd edition without having to buy all new sets! 

The 2nd Edition represents the improvements, additions, balancing and tweaks from the past year of the first edition being out. We think it represents an improvement over the first edition. But just as with all multi edition board games, if you enjoy the first edition, which we hope you do, then the presence of a second edition should not change that enjoyment. While some second editions may represent a way to remonetize a game, our focus is to continually improve it. The 2nd edition update kit is our strategy to make it possible for first edition backers to optionally upgrade their sets at minimal cost, i.e. without having to repurchase the whole game system.

Bonus Components

The 2nd edition core set (and 2nd edition update kit) will include more components like new bonus map tiles, more resource tokens and dual resource tokens, more flag capture tiles in more colors to facilitate 1v1v1 and 5 player free for alls. More Command Cubes allow for more movement each round while the Operations Deck creates a more sophisticated and fun turn order process. More dice provides a highly requested quality of life improvement and the 2nd edition will now include the elite infantry dice previously only available in the StUG Assault Pack. 

New 2.0 Missions & Improved Legacy Missions

The 2nd edition Mission Booklet adds 14 new missions and scenarios expanding the possibilities of of each game. Each legacy mission remains included but have been further tweaked and balanced with design emphasis on making each mission feel unique with its own set of tactical parameters.  

More Units, More Tanks, Bigger Battles & Climactic Finishes

2nd edition adjusts unit and building costs, resource generation and other mechanics to allow for more units to be purchased, fielded and used over the course of the battle. 

Along with the increased unit count, the 2nd edition was developed to allow for more heavy vehicles earlier to allow for climactic finishes to each mission. This was incorporated while maintaing & even emphasizing the structure of the early, mid and late stages of the game.

Greater Unit & Faction Balance

After thousands of games and feedback from the player community, we further tweaked and balanced units, factions and commanders to a high polish. These changes were incorporated with an eye towards emphasizing faction identity and distinction. The factions have been overhauled with the British and OKW now having more starting unit options, more distinct unit roles, re-vamped machine guns and weapon teams, improved heavy vehicle design and more.

All 52 Commander Cards have been over-hauled or tweaked to improve their balance, distinction and fun. 

Assault Rules

While many small rules were adjusted or streamlined, the biggest rules addition to the 2nd edition are the new Assault rules inpsired by the upcoming CoH 3 video game. Units can now spend a command point to assault a hex containing an enemy unit or field defense. This allows units to destroy or force a retreat and then immediately occupy a hex and capture it. This new rule-set adds tremendous tension, drama and tactical options to the base game while fixing some of the capture point rigidty of the 1st edition and removing entirely the ability to 'game' control points.

And Much More

There are many more improvements and upgrades to the 2nd edition that will be showcased before the 2nd edition Kickstarter campaign. Note that the 2nd edition is entirely backwards compatible with the first edition components however and we are pleased to be able to provide the 2nd edition update kit to our original backers. 

Click the sub-headings under the 2nd Edition Preview tab for a sneak peak of the new building boards and commander cards!

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