Commander cards bring a new, unique type of game play for each faction. Each commander comes with a personalized set of tactics and pay-per-use upgrades that only they can access.

US Faction core

US Core 1 - Recon Support Company
Changes made 11/17/2020 - Priest Call-In requires Tier 3 Building.
US Core 2 - Ranger Company
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Priest requires Tier 3 Building.
US Core 3 - Armor Company
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Veteran Wolverines require Tier 3 Building.
US Core 4 - Mechanized Company
US Core 5 - Airborne Company
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British Faction cORE

British Core 1 - Advanced Emplacements
Counter Battery also affects the OKW Stuka.
British Core 2 - Commando Regiment
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Staghound requires Tier 2 Building.
British Core 3 - Lend Lease Assault Tact
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Staghounds require Tier 2 Building.
British Core 4 - Royal Engineer Regiment
Royal Engineers retain the upgrade options of an Infantry Section.
British Core 5 - Special Weapons Regimen
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German Faction CORE

German Core 1 - Jaeger Infantry Doctrine
German Core 2 - Spearhead Doctrine
German Core 3 - Mechanized Doctrine
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Sd.Kfz 222 requires Tier 2 Building.
German Core 4 - Festung Armor Doctrine
German Core 5 - Panzer Korp Doctrine
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Soviet Faction CORE

Soviet Core 1 - Assault Tactics
Soviet Core 2 - Elite Artillery Tactics.
Soviet Core 3 - NKVD Disruption Tactics.
Forward HQ ability can only be applied to destructible structures, not indestructible bunkers nor the Cathedral. The Fear Propaganda ability is used during the Maneuver Phase on the player's turn.
Soviet Core 4 - Ranged Tactics
Soviet Core 5 - Conscript Support Tactic
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OKW Commanders

Oberkommando West Faction commander cards, including the German Elite, boosting your mobility and damage.

OKW 1 - Breakthrough Doctrine
Sturm Offizier Ability can be activated
OKW 2 - Elite Armored Doctrine
OKW 3 - Firestorm Doctrine
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Puma requires Tier 2 Building.
OKW 4 - Scavenge Doctrine
OKW 5 - Fortifications Doctrine
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Use 16 unique, elite commanders that include all new vehicles and call-ins.


US ECC 1 - Light Calvary Company
US ECC 2 - Heavy Calvary Company
US ECC 3 - Tactical Support Company
US ECC 4 - Motor Pool
Errata - The Stuart Tank requires Building Tier 2 not 3.
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Typo fixed
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British ECC 1 - Hammer Doctrine
British ECC 2 - Royal Artillery Regiment
British ECC 3 - Specialized Vehicle Regi
British ECC 4 - Tank Hunter Regiment
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German ECC 1 - Terror Doctrine
German ECC 2 - Tank Destroyer Doctrine
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Soviet ECC 1 - Counter Attack Tactics
Soviet ECC 2 - Guards Motor Tactics
Soviet ECC 3 - Urban Defense Tactics
Soviet ECC 3 - Urban Assault Tactics
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OKW ECC 1 - Terror Doctrine West
OKW ECC 2 - Tank Destroyer Doctrine West
Changes Made 11/17/2020 - Luchs and Puma require Tier 2 Building. Jagdpanther forward arrow changed.
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Eastern Reinforcements

New units and commanders for the Soviet Faction, including advanced, versatile units.


Soviet ERP 1 - Frontline Tactics
Soviet ERP 2 Heroes of Stalingrad
Soviet ERP 3 Siege Militia
Soviet ERP 4 Frontline Assault
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Pathfinder Pack

Two new unique commanders for the US and Wehrmacht factions that utilize diverse tactics.        

Pathfinder 1 - Assault Support Doctrine.
Pathfinder 2 - Pathfinder Company
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Stug  Assault Pack

Special commanders that bring elite infantry to the gameplay with fresh new upgrades.

StuG 1 - Stug Assault Doctrine
Errata - Cost increased to 3 Manpower.
Changes made 11/17/2020 - Requires Tier 2 Building.
StuG 2 - Stug Tactical Doctrine
Stug 3 - British Special Service Brigade
Stug 4 - Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade
Stug 5 - US Devil's Brigade
The Devils Brigade unit can also enter other obstacles like water and destroyed buildings. Destroyed buildings act identical to regular buildings, even providing heavy cover to the Devils Brigade squad. These units cannot purchase any of the Riflemen upgrades however.
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Commander Errata

Elite Commander Collection

  • US Motor Pool: The Stuart tank requires Building Tier 2, not Tier 3. The Calliope's damage is turreted but is missing the correct arrow.

  • Soviet Urban Assault Tactics: The KV-2 Assault Gun has Splash damage but is missing the corresponding symbol.

  • Tank Destroyer Doctrine West: The Jagdpanther has a fixed gun but incorrectly shows a turret. 

​StuG Assault Pack

  • StuG Assault Doctrine: Stormtroopers have 4 health and not 3.

  • StuG Tactics: The StuG costs 3 Manpower, not 2 Manpower.

  • Devil's Brigade: Can move into and through all obstacles except enemy units. For example, water, impassable terrain, and into destroyed buildings. Destroyed buildings act as normal buildings for the Devil's Brigade, including providing them heavy cover. 

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