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Contacting Bad Crow Games

First, check the questions below to see if we have already answered your question. Then, if your question is still unanswered, email us at using one of the following subject lines: - Broken, Damaged, or Missing Pieces
- Unfulfilled/Never Received My Order
- Other CoH Issue Or use the support ticket form to the right.

British Emplacement Pack Missing

The British Emplacement Pack is shipped inside the Terrain Pack 2 box. Open your copy of Terrain Pack 2 and you should find your British Emplacement Pack inside.

Address Change

USA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND: You will receive an email asking you to confirm your address before your order ships. EU / UK / ASIA / SOUTH AMERICA: Contact us directly with the contact form to the right or directly at

Bent Gun Barrels

Some of the gun barrels may become bent during storage or shipping. It is an easy fix however, refer to the one page fixing bent turret insert in your core set. In summary: 1. warm a pot of water until it is simmering but not boiling. 2. dip the bent turret into the warm water for 5-10 seconds. 3. pull the vehicle from the warm water and if necessary use your fingers to straighten the turret while it cools for another 10 seconds. 4. sometimes you may need to repeat this process to get the barrel perfectly straight.

Component Damage

Please fill out the form to the right for any damaged components and upload an image of the issue if possible. The image is verification for our manufacturer and helps us obtain replacement parts from them easier. Depending on your region and supplies we will be shipping replacement parts directly from the factory at no cost to you. The replacement part time frame is approximately 2-3 weeks. Please contact us directly at or the form on this page for any extreme situations.

Missing Component

Note that British Emplacement Pack contents are inside the Terrain Pack 2. For other missing components please note that the contents listed on some of the boxes is innacurate. Please refer to the master components list here: If it still appears you are missing a component please fill out the support ticket form on this page.

Painted Set Missing

Painted Sets fell behind in the manufacturing process. They are being shipped separately at a later date. Keep up to date on our Kickstarter page Updates - we will be updating frequently about the completion and shipping dates for painted sets. Also join our Discord for more information

Did Not Receive Order Yet / Shipping Update by Region

Depending on your region or the contents of your order they may not have been shipped yet. Please consult the following information before sending a support ticket: USA / Canada NON-PAINTED sets are shipping early next week (March 22 - 27) Australia / New Zealand sets have arrived at the warehouse and are awaiting confirmation to ship out from our fulfillment company. Asia NON-PAINTED Sets are shortly reseuming shipping over the next two weeks (March 22 - March 29). UK is expected to arrive on March 20th and will ship out before April 1st 2021. EU is confirmed for rail freight and will ship out around April 9th. Central America will ship out from Florida - but we are waiting on the final shipping costs from QML. NOTE THAT PAINT HAS NOT SHIPPED YET - it will be air freighted sometime in March if all goes well. If you are in one of these regions that shipped but have not received your order by April 1st, please confirm that you have closed out your GameFound Pledge Manager and paid shipping then send us a support Ticket. Note that Taiwan requires a special customs app number. Please send us an email to if you did not receive this email link from us.

What is the Gamefound Pledge Manager

Like most large Kickstarters, we outsourced our pledge management system to Gamefound. This platform imported all of your kickstarter or late backer information. You were sent an email link invite to it. Contact us if you cannot find it in your email. In Gamefound you confirm your shipping address, pay for shipping and make any other desired changes to your order. If you do not complete your order on GameFound, your order will not ship :)

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