"No plan survives contact with the enemy."

- Correlli Barnett

Rules errata

These are key gameplay errata recommended for all player's to review. Red text indicates errata currently under testing. If you choose to play with the red text errata, feel free to email us your thoughts at

1.  Frontal Armor Defense (Advanced Rules): Similar to heavy cover for infantry, a heavy vehicle receives 2 total defense dice when hit by Armor Piercing damage in it's frontal arc. If 4 points of Armor Piercing are assigned to a Heavy Vehicle's frontal arc, that unit will only roll 2 defense dice.

2. HE Resistance (Advanced Rules): If a unit is resistant to High Explosive (HE) damage, that unit rolls a defense die for each point of damage dealt. For example, if a defending unit has 1 HE assigned to him and the attacker rolls a crit, the defending unit rolls 2 defense dice.

3. Retreat Step.  (Advanced Rules) The team that goes first can choose to retreat units at the end of the maneuver phase. 

4. Stalingrad Multi-Hex Buildings: The Stalingrad double buildings are incorrectly shown as adjacent buildings. They are double hex buildings with multi-hex building rules. Each section of these two hex buildings can be destroyed independently. See here for more details.

5. Stalingrad Fuel Points: The Southern Fuel point closest to the team 2 spawn does not exist, ignore it on the medium size standard Stalingrad map. See here for more details.

6. OKW Building Board 2: missing "requires a SWS Supply Truck" in its cost section. A player must purchase a SWS Supply Truck before purchasing the building.

7. OKW Stuka Halftrack: This unit has only 3 range instead of 4. (This unit was over-powered.) 

8. Building Board 1 Back Reference: The US, Soviet and Wehrmacht Building Boards have a reference guide on the back, which incorrectly states building rules, (the rulebook is correct however). The correct building rules are: Regular Infantry and Machine Gun squads can enter buildings for 1 cp, but cannot leave that building on the same round. 

IN TESTING. (These rules are being tested for possible errata, feel free to play with the following rules and let us know your thoughts on Discord.)


Reduced HE Crit Chance: HE damage only crits on the green HE symbol. The green speed die symbol counts as a regular hit.

Weapon Team Free Pack Up:  weapon teams pack up for free when they move. (Thus they only pay a cp to deploy, not to pack up.) 

Speed Dice: units with speed dice must use their speed dice before spending their CP. 

Moving While Pinned. Units can move while pinned but it costs an extra cp (or speed die) and costs one health. Thus moving one hex while pinned costs 2 cp and 1 health. 

Extra Retreat Movement: Retreating units move 5 hexes instead of 3 towards their chosen retreat point. 

Commander Errata

Elite Commander Collection

  • US Motor Pool: The Stuart tank does not require a building to spawn and has turreted AP damage. The Calliope's damage is turreted but is missing the correct arrow.

  • Soviet Urban Assault Tactics: The KV-2 Assault Gun has Splash damage but is missing the corresponding symbol.

  • Tank Destroyer Doctrine West: The Jagdpanther has a fixed gun but incorrectly shows a turret. 

​StuG Assault Pack

  • StuG Assault Doctrine: Stormtroopers have 4 health and not 3.

  • StuG Tactics: The StuG costs 3 Manpower, not 2 Manpower.

  • Devil's Brigade: Can move into and through all obstacles except enemy units. For example, water, impassable terrain, and into destroyed buildings. Destroyed buildings act as normal buildings for the Devil's Brigade, including providing them heavy cover. 

Specific Commander Card clarifications can be found on the Commanders Page.​  

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