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Commander Cards

How many times can I activate my pay-per-use abilities?

Commander pay-per-use abilities can only be activated once per round. However some unit pay-per-use abilities allow multiple units to activate an ability. In these cases, each unit can only activate the ability once.

How many times can I purchase Commander Tier Upgrades for my units?

Unit Upgrades from Commander Tiers can only be purchased once per unit. These upgrades are in addition to the unit's normal upgrade options found on their building board.

Do Commander Tier Upgrades replace my other upgrades?

No. Alternate unit upgrades retain their original unit's upgrade options unless otherwise specified.

Do my Commander Abilities affect my allies?

Commander Abilities never affect allies unless otherwise stated. The exception is indirect effects such as "Recon Plane" which reveals the hex for all team members.

If a Commander Ability allows a unit to "spawn from a building," do they spawn inside the building?

No. Units with the ability to spawn from a building can spawn on any empty hex adjacent to a building but not inside the building.


Can emplacements capture control points?

Yes. When an emplacement is built on a control point that point will be captured at the beginning of the Supply Phase.

Can my Universal Carrier still transport and capture if it upgrades to Flame?

No. It's transport and capture abilities are removed if it purchases a Flame Upgrade. A Universal Carrier cannot be upgraded while it is carrying a unit.


What happens if my Major or emplacement is killed while a unit is retreating to it?

If a retreat point is destroyed or removed while a unit is retreating, the unit must choose a new retreat point during the next manuever phase.

Do retreating infantry units benefit from cover?

Yes. Retreating infantry units still benefit from any cover in their hex.

Do retreating units move during the beginning or the end of the Maneuver Phase?

Retreating units move any time during the Maneuver Phase.

These are additional explanations of existing rules.

1. Victory Conditions: The victory conditions are checked at the end of the round, after the supply phase.

2. Impassable Terrain: Units cannot move, repair, reinforce, spawn or construct structures across impassable terrain. 

3. Smoke: If a unit is in a smoked hex, that unit cannot spot, can only attack adjacent units, and can only be attacked by adjacent units.  

4. Multi-Hex Buildings (Mission Book): Multi-hex buildings (like the Cathedral) provide cover to the units inside from outside units, but do not provide cover from other units inside the building.  Multi-hex buildings are the only structures opposing teams can enter at the same time. Units can move freely within multi-hex buildings without ending their movement. Units can also attack freely to any other hex within the building. The Cathedral diagram in the Mission Book has been updated to reflect that a multi-hex building counts as a single structure when determining line of sight, i.e. a unit outside has line of sight to any hex inside a multi-hex building as long as their line of sight does not pass through two green cover lines. See here for more details.

5. Close Range Fire Power Clarification: This ability only adds +1 AI damage to adjacent targets. It is not affected by any upgrades or abilities that increase range. 

6. Capturing Points: All green and purple units can capture control points. Vehicles with the special capture ability icon can also capture control points. In the case of purple units (emplacements) they have to be built on the control point. They will capture at the beginning of the next Supply Phase.

7. Split Damage: Heavy vehicles are the only units who are able to split their damage. They are able to do this if they have multiple damage types. For example, the British Churchill may target two units because it deals turreted AP damage and non-turretted AI damage. However, heavy vehicles may only target 1 enemy with a single damage type. Thus, the British Churchill would target 1 enemy with its AP damage and another enemy with its AI damage.

8. Reinforcements & Repairs: Units cannot be reinforced or repair when inside a building or a vehicle.


1. Pinning AI Green Units: When a unit is revealed inside a machine guns arc, if it is a green unit it is pinned and any reveal action is ignored. If the revealed unit is an event, the pinning has no effect and the event is processed as normal.

2. Repeating AI Actions: An AI action is only applied to 1 AI unit. If there are 3 Green AI units on the board, and the AI comes to the Green Victory Point action, the AI moves 1 of it's green units, and then proceeds to the next action. Sometimes the AI will waste cp in doing this. 

3. AI Round Tracker Timing: Move the AI round marker at the very end of the supply phase, after you collect resources. If the players have enough victory points by the time the round marker is moved, the players win. 

4. Battlefield Defenses: It is not recommended to play against an AI when using sandbags, tank traps, or razor wire.

Commander Cards

1. Pay-per-use Abilities: Commander pay-per-use abilities can only be activated once per round.


2. Pay-per-use Abilities (Multiple Units): Some unit pay-per-use abilities allow multiple units to activate an ability, in these cases each unit can only activate the ability once. 

3. Vehicle Call-In's: Vehicle Call-In's from Commander tiers can be purchased multiple times in a round. 

4. Upgrade Options: Unit Upgrades from Commander tiers are in addition to the units normal upgrade options found on their building board. These upgrades can only be purchased once per unit. 

5. Alternate Unit Upgrades: Alternate unit versions found on some Commander Cards retain their original unit's upgrade options unless otherwise specified. (See Royal Engineer Regiment and Devil's Brigade examples below). 

6. Commander Ability Effects: Commander abilities never affect allies unless otherwise stated. The exception is indirect effects, for example placing an 'Eye' die for a Recon Plane ability reveals the hex for everyone.  

2. Unit pay per use ability: the Mechanized Company's Improved Repair ability allows all Riflemen to pay 1 munitions to gain +1 repair this round. While all Riflemen can choose to purchase this, each one can only do so once per round.

3. Vehicle Call-In's. Access to Sherman Easy Eights is not a pay per use ability; it is a passive purchase option. Multiple Easy Eight Shermans could be purchased in the same round. 

4. Unit Upgrades. The .50 cal Jeeps upgrade is available for purchase by all Jeeps, but each Jeep can only purchase it once. Doing so would not remove any other upgrade options (although in this case Jeeps do not happen to have other upgrades available). 

5. Alternate Unit Versions. Specialized Training, converts Infantry into Royal Engineers with different base stats, but otherwise retain the upgrade options of the Infantry Sections on the building boards. The same goes for the alternate Churchill AVRE version. Note that the Devil's Brigade unit specifically denies them the Riflemen upgrades. 

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