Rules clarifications

These are explanations and answers to almost all of the questions that have been raised in the Discord channel and Board Game geek. If you have further questions, leave a comment below, send us an email to support@badcrowgames or join our Discord channel at

Buildings - Entering & Leaving: Regular infantry and mg squads can enter buildings. They enter buildings just like a normal hex, i.e.  1 cp total, (or speed die) but they cannot leave the building the same round that they entered. Units leave buildings with regular movement as well. (Note that this is different than what is stated on the reference guide on the back of the Tier 1 Building boards.) Its just ONE cp to enter a building; exactly like any other hex.


Buildings - Defense:  Buildings provide heavy cover,  which is a static 2 Defense dice on top of any other defense rolls the unit inside has. Note that cover does not stack with other cover, for example if a unit builds sandbags in a hex with light cover, it is still just 2 Defense dice. 

Buildings - Health: The default starting health for buildings is 4 but individual maps may adjust this. Buildings take damage whenever the hex receives HE or Flame damage. The building itself makes no defense rolls. It takes damage equal to the total amount of HE and Flame damage that hits the hex, regardless of any defense rolls a unit inside makes. Players can target empty buildings if they want to... unless there is a non-spotted camouflaged unit inside. 


Buildings - Sturdy Variants. You can also choose to have Sturdier buildings (making some infantry more viable later into the game) by agreeing to set all buildings to 5 or 6 health at the beginning of the game. 

Conditions for Victory and Victory Points: The victory conditions are checked at the end of the round, after the supply phase. Victory points are collected as a team (in essence only one player on a team needs to track it). Whenever an enemy unit is destroyed the victory point track is increased by one. Whenever the team collects a victory point from a victory control point the track is also increased by one. 

Capturing Points: All green and purple units can capture control points. Vehicles with the special capture ability icon can also capture control points. In the case of purple units (emplacements) they have to be built on the control point. They will capture at the beginning of the next Supply Phase.

Cover: Cover only affects the hex in which the cover is located. Cover is not two-ways, only a unit in a hex with a cover line benefits from cover. Cover lines do not affect any additional hexes whatsoever, for example if an attack crosses a cover line that is targeting a unit further away in a hex without cover, it does not provide cover to that unit. Cover is similar to the video games, the unit has to be crouched right up close to the cover and thus in the board game the unit has to be IN the hex with the cover line. 

Cover Lines: Cover now uses an "expansive" cover system. This means that if a line of attack runs along the edge of a cover line without intersecting it, cover is STILL activatedOn custom maps if a hex has yellow and green cover (light and heavy) and a sight line splits between the two colors use the heavier cover.  Multiple connected sandbags, or sandbags that are built connected to other cover lines form continuous cover.

Defense Dice: Regardless of how a unit receives defense dice, from resistances or static defenses (like from cover) each defense die represents a chance to reduce damage. An ideal situation is when your unit has more defense dice than incoming damage! All defense dice are pooled together and rolled at the same time, each success blocks a point of damage. 

(Defense Dice) Resistances: When a unit is resistant to a type of damage they gain a defense die for each point of that type of damage assigned to them. The damage types a unit is resistant to is identified on the Defense Matrix found on the back of the building board tier 3. 

(Defense Dice) Static Defenses: These represent defense dice gained from cover, frontal armor defense and defense upgrades. These stack with resistances and represent a static amount of additional defense dice that are rolled along with defense dice gained from resistances. 

Extra Health/Squad Member Upgrade: Units that have an extra health upgrade (denoted by a hearth with a +Plus sign in it) increase their maximum health by 1 AND immediately increase their current health by 1. i.e. place an additional infantry figure on the unit tray. Like all upgrades this can only be purchased one time unless otherwise specified.

Impassable Terrain: Units cannot move, repair, reinforce, spawn or construct structures across impassable terrain. 

Line of Sight - Adjacent Buildings: Two buildings adjacent to each other block line of sight traveling between the buildings. If a line of sight travels in such a way that it parallels a building on one side and then later parallels another building on the other side, sight and attack is also blocked.  (Diagram forthcoming, this is not present on any current official maps but could arise with custom maps or community maps.) 

Oberkommando West Supply Trucks: The OKW constructs its buildings on the board. This is done by first producing a sws supply truck then moving it to the desired location. During the supply phase you can purchase your tier 2 or tier 3 building and convert the truck into the building. (note that the tier 2 building does not specify this but a sws supply truck, is indeed required). Units from that building can spawn adjacent to this converted building.


OKW SWS Truck to Building/Emplacement Conversion: Once converted place the SWS supply truck on its side (hopefully we will have conversion miniatures in 1.5) to denote it is now an emplacement.  When it transforms it loses the stats of the truck and gains the stats of the emplacement. (i.e. it loses heroic sacrifice and gains health and defense upgrade as well as the other abilities listed.) 

Retreating: Units can declare retreat any time on their turn. The team who went first has the option to retreat units after the maneuver phase is over. Units in buildings can retreat even if they entered the building that round. Set a retreat status die on the unit and move it 3 hexes towards any point in their spawn or alternate retreat point if one exists (like US Major). If retreating towards spawn, the unit can move towards any hex in the spawn. Once on a hex in the team's spawn the retreating unit removes its retreat status during the supply phase (and can also be reinforced during the same supply phase.) Unit retreating to a rally point or unit with the rally ability like the US major remove their retreat status once they are adjacent, also during the supply phase. 

Reinforcements, Repairs & Building Emplacements and Field Defenses: Units cannot be reinforced, repair or build when inside a building or a vehicle. Allies on the same team can repair, reinforce and transport each other. 

Speed Dice - Speed dice can be used for other actions that require cp as well as movement. For example you can construct field defenses with a speed die and weapon teams can use speed dice to deploy etc... 

Splitting Damage - Tanks: Heavy vehicles are the only units who are able to split their damage.(for example those Heavy vehicles that do AP damage AND AI damage.) They are able to do this if they have multiple damage types. For example, the British Churchill may target two units because it deals turreted AP damage and non-turreted AI damage. However, heavy vehicles may only target 1 enemy with a single damage type. Thus, the British Churchill could target 1 enemy with its AP damage and another enemy with its AI damage.

Smoke: Only adjacent units can see into or fire on a hex with smoke. Units on a smoked hex can only see or fire on adjacent hexes. 

Stalingrad and Multi-Hex Buildings (Mission Book): Multi-hex buildings (like the Cathedral) provide cover to the units inside from outside units, but do not provide cover from other units inside the building.  Multi-hex buildings are the only structures opposing teams can enter at the same time. Units can move freely within multi-hex buildings without ending their movement. Units can also attack freely to any other hex within the building. The Cathedral diagram in the Mission Book has been updated to reflect that a multi-hex building counts as a single structure when determining line of sight, i.e. a unit outside has line of sight to any hex inside a multi-hex building as long as their line of sight does not pass through two green cover lines. See here for more details. Also the adjacent buildings on Stalingrad should be considered single multi-hex buildings. 

Terrain Pack 2 - How to Repack: This box was designed very tight. Repacking can be tricky. Click here for a guide to help. 

Trois Ponts Bridge Paths: The north and south bridges have a side that connects to two hexes and a side that connects to a single hex. The center bridge is only two hexes (the northern middle hex that the bridge graphically overlaps is not accessible.) See this diagram for further explanation: Trois Ponts Bridge Diagram. 

Upgrade: Close Range Fire Power Clarification: This ability only adds +1 AI damage to adjacent targets. It is not affected by any upgrades or abilities that increase range. 

Skill Difference and Handicaps. It is suggested to give a new player one bonus starting XP (experience) when playing against a more experienced player and two bonus starting XP when playing against a highly skilled player. This would require of course playing with experience upgrades and commanders for that game. 

In a series of games between the same players / teams have the losing players start the next game with 1 xp. If they lose again increase it 2. Up to 4 XP maximum. If the trending losing sides wins a game, reduce their starting xp by 1 (until they are back to zero like the other team).  Beyond 4 xp you have a large player imbalance, so also reduce their victory points required to win by 3. If the games tend to be landslides then start the players with their tier 1 vehicle.  

Commander Cards

1. Pay-per-use Abilities: Commander pay-per-use abilities can only be activated once per round, but permanent upgrade and unit purchases found on the Commander card are not limited to this.


2. Pay-per-use Abilities (Multiple Units): Some unit pay-per-use abilities allow multiple units to activate an ability, in these cases each unit can only activate the ability once. 

3. Vehicle Call-In's: Vehicle Call-In's from Commander tiers can be purchased multiple times in a round. 

4. Upgrade Options: Unit Upgrades from Commander tiers are in addition to the units normal upgrade options found on their building board. These upgrades can only be purchased once per unit. 

5. Alternate Unit Upgrades: Alternate unit versions found on some Commander Cards retain their original unit's upgrade options unless otherwise specified. (See Royal Engineer Regiment and Devil's Brigade examples below). 

6. Commander Ability Effects: Commander abilities never affect allies unless otherwise stated. The exception is indirect effects, for example placing an 'Eye' die for a Recon Plane ability reveals the hex for the whole team.  

You can see all Commander Card Errata and print files here:

US Core 4 - Mechanized Company.jpg

2. Unit pay per use ability: the Mechanized Company's Improved Repair ability allows all Riflemen to pay 1 munitions to gain +1 repair this round. While all Riflemen can choose to purchase this, each one can only do so once per round.

3. Vehicle Call-In's. Access to Sherman Easy Eights is not a pay per use ability; it is a passive purchase option. Multiple Easy Eight Shermans could be purchased in the same round. 

4. Unit Upgrades. The .50 cal Jeeps upgrade is available for purchase by all Jeeps, but each Jeep can only purchase it once. Doing so would not remove any other upgrade options (although in this case Jeeps do not happen to have other upgrades available). 

British Core 4 - Royal Engineer Regiment

5. Alternate Unit Versions. Specialized Training, converts Infantry into Royal Engineers with different base stats, but otherwise retain the upgrade options of the Infantry Sections on the building boards. The same goes for the alternate Churchill AVRE version. Note that the Devil's Brigade unit specifically denies them the Riflemen upgrades. 

Stug 5 - US Devil's Brigade.jpg

Frequently asked questions

Commander Cards

Pay-per-use abilities limit

Commander pay-per-use abilities can only be activated once per round. However some unit pay-per-use abilities allow multiple units to activate an ability. In these cases, each unit can only activate the ability once.

Commander Tier upgrade limit per unit

Unit Upgrades from Commander Tiers can only be purchased once per unit. These upgrades are in addition to the unit's normal upgrade options found on their building board.

Do Commander Tier Upgrades replace my other upgrades?

No. Alternate unit upgrades retain their original unit's upgrade options unless otherwise specified.

Do my Commander Abilities affect my allies?

By default, Commander Abilities will always refer to your units. This means Commander Abilities never affect allies unless otherwise stated. The exception is indirect effects such as "Recon Plane" which reveals the hex for all team members. For example, the "Rapid Conscription" ability states: For each damage dealt to an infantry unit, gain 1 manpower. This refers to your units and not enemy units.

Spawning "from a building"

Units with the ability to spawn from a building can spawn on any empty hex adjacent to a building. However, they cannot spawn inside the building.

Heavy Cavalry Company Field Defense Limit

The amount of field defenses you can build is only limited by the amount of cp assigned to a unit. Therefore, with the Heavy Cavalry Company's Tier 1 ability, Riflemen may construct up to 3 field defenses for the cost of 1 cp each.


Can emplacements capture control points?

Yes. When an emplacement is built on a control point that point will be captured at the beginning of the Supply Phase.

Universal Carrier Flame Upgrade

When a Universal Carrier upgrades to Flame, it's transport and capture abilities are removed. A Universal Carrier cannot be upgraded while it is carrying a unit.

Default Bunker Type

By default, bunkers that do not have a resource control point are destructible and those that do have a resource control point are considered indestructible. However, players may customize their game however they want with so long as all other players agree. If the bunker is destroyed the resource point is no longer accessible, except for the Devil's Brigade Unit.

Emplacements and Line of Sight

Emplacements do not block line of sight. Only buildings or destroyed buildings can block line of sight.

Can an SWS Supply Truck reinforce?

No. While SWS Supply Trucks do serve as Retreat Points when deployed, they do not serve as Reinforcement Points. SWS Supply Trucks do not reinforce while deployed.

Emplacements and the Frozen River

While emplacements cannot be built on water, they can be built on the Frozen River.

Flak Guns - Do they begin manned or do you have to move infantry into it?

All emplacements are considered a complete and separate unit, including the flak gun. They do not need to be manned nor can a unit end its movement on an emplacement (just like any other unit).


Major or emplacement destroyed during retreat

If a retreat point, such as a Major or an emplacement, is destroyed or removed while a unit is retreating to it, the retreating unit must choose a new retreat point during the next Manuever Phase.

Do retreating infantry units benefit from cover?

Yes. Retreating infantry units still benefit from any cover in their hex.

Do retreating units move during the beginning or the end of the Maneuver Phase?

Retreating units move any time during the Maneuver Phase. In real time mode, retreating units can move after the Manuever phase is over in order to reduce the amount of unit interaction during the timed RTS turns. Players can still choose to process retreat movement during the Maneuver phase if they choose to however. Retreat moves should be processed entirely once begun. i.e. Move a retreating unit its full 3 hexes when procesising their retreat, rather than moving 1 hex first then later on moving it the remaining 2 hexes.

Building as additional targets

When a unit inside a building takes damage, the building becomes an automatic additional target. As shown on the Defense Matrix, if the unit takes AI or AP damage the building receives no damage. However, if the unit receives Flame or HE damage the building will take damage. Buildings can only be destroyed by using HE or Flame damage.

Free Call-Ins and Building Boards

Some Commanders feature the free call-in feature. By default, these call-ins do not require you to have the corresponding building board purchased. However, any call-ins that require a specific building to be purchased will either be specified on the Commander Card or the Errata page of this website.

HE Splash Damage

Splash Damage applies a single, non-rolled HE damage to surrounding hexes, NOT the hex in which it was placed. For example, when the Calliope does 3 HE and 1 Splash damage, the target hex takes 3 HE dice (rolled for miss, hit or crit), and the surrounding hexes take 1 non-rolled point of HE damage. The center target hex does not receive this extra point of non-rolled HE damage.

Buildings and Existing Terrain Features

By default, buildings override all existing terrain features in a hex.

Speed Dice and Command Points

A unit's speed die is used separately from your command points. You are not required to spend command points before you can use the unit's speed die. We are currently testing whether units with speed dice should spend their speed die BEFORE spending any CP, in order to reduce the "going-last" advantage in Turn-Based mode.

Building Defense Bonus

A building provides 2 defense dice to the unit inside. The number of attacks does not change the amount of dice rewarded. A building will give 2 defense dice total to the unit no matter how much damage is assigned to it.


Camouflage and Pinning

A unit with camouflage may move into the arc of a deployed machine gun without being pinned as long as nothing is spotting the camouflaged unit.